An Indian Village goes online, Yeah literally!!

How many of you have minimized a chat window when your boss is standing just behind you? Well atleast I’ve done it quite a lot of times.


The sarpanch of the village Budania, Randheer Singh might have studied about this behavior a bit more than all of us. Randheer Singh has come up with a mechanism which is trying to make all the government employees more accountable.

By the end of this month, the village will have almost 20 CCTV’s installed in the Panchayat office, hospitals, government schools and the IT centre (has taken a cue from Kerala? Read : Kerala CM Makes The Perfect Use of Technology–Installs Webcam In His Office).

And, it does not stop there, all these recordings will be available as a live streaming on the village’s website. Anyone from anywhere in the world can have a look at the proceedings in the village 24*7. This feat of making the panchayat go live is believed to bring transparency at the work places, schools and hospitals.

Going live actually means a lot more things – The government officials, teachers and doctors arriving on time to work, less corruption and burglaries and more security. More importantly it’s about power to the people. As Randheer Singh plans to install more CCTV’s in the second phase at the bus stands, roads and other public places, he also wants to register this rare achievement into the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, arriving at this unique mechanism was not a cakewalk as the villagers had to be explained in detail about the Internet and going live and the results of it. And amazingly, this whole project is self-funded by the villagers themselves.

For all of us who are furious of CCTV’s not being installed in the premises of the Delhi High Court, of the corruption in the day-to-day life these initiatives definitely give a ray of hope. Thanks Randheer Singh of Budania (Village on-live), Chavvi Rajawat of Soda village (India’s first IT enabled village) and the Bihar Govt (The anti-bribe tool/YouTube) for giving me something to cheer about.

Hopefully, these technology based initiatives give more power to the aam aadmi and consequently help in India Shining!

What’s your opinion?

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[Guest article by Srikanth Ch.]

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