When anything with an ‘Indian’ in the name gets love..even this spammy app

How do you market your product to the masses?
Spend millions of dollars in marketing or …
Just add ‘Indian’ to the name, create a sense of ‘nationalism’ (hint: tricolors) and there you go.

Just noticed that a spammy app called Indian VLC player has more than 100K downloads. Frankly, there is nothing Indian about the app, except for the tricolors used and one would feel sad (in a shitty way) seeing such a shit version of the great VLC player (which is open sourced).

But then: Why has it been downloaded 100K+ times?

For the same reason that Indians end up voting for ‘best national anthem by UN’ !

A sense of nationalism which makes us ‘feel pride’. The reality of ‘joblessness’ which makes many do things that make them believe that they have done something for the country.
Take a look at app description.

This Indian VLC Player is made for Indian people.

Emotions run. Battle won. And it’s all fun.

If you are a product guy/girl, what are you learning from such apps?
PS: Saw this on Reddit.

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