.IN Domains Hacked Ruthlessly, Overall 1900+ Indian Websites Hacked in 2010

As per data by CERT-in (Indian Computer Emergency Response System), a total of 1981 websites were hacked in India (in the first 3 months of 2010), out of which 64% had a .in TLD.

There was a spike in the number of defacements – 570 websites (in Jan 2010), 510 websites in Feb and 901 websites in March (source).

Website Defacement India - .IN Domains attacked the most

Recently, TCS’s website was hacked and it took the team almost 5-6 hours to restore the website. And a few days back, Chinese hackers infiltrated Indian government computers and were able to access sensitive information.

WordPress Sites

Few of wordpress sites have been hacked recently and if you are on wordpress [esp on a .in domain], read this guide to protect your wordpress installation.

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