Most Indians Prefer Male Bosses, But Acceptance Of Women As Bosses Is Growing [Survey]

The inadequate representation of women in IT is one of the biggest debates that’s unfolding today, and it’s not a phenomenon restricted to India, it’s global.
Some argue that the lack of women in leadership positions is the key problem, with the whole system skewed towards favoring males. This was the crux of the Ellen Pao vs venture capital firm KPBC trial that created a global media frenzy recently.
WomanLooking at the larger picture, women aren’t well represented in leadership positions across most industry verticals and not just the tech sector.
TimesJobs conducted a survey in which it found that 66% of the respondents said they preferred working with a male boss, as opposed to 44% who voted for female bosses. There were, however, a few standouts that should be noted.
The preference for a female boss was higher in the media & entertainment industry, with 67% respondents saying they preferred working for a female leader. Respondents working in the FMCG sector said they had an equal preference for male and female bosses.
While the representation of men and women in leadership positions in the above two sectors is still not equal, it does indicate a greater acceptance of women at the workplace. This could be the key metric that decides if more women will hold leadership positions in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Women prefer working for male bosses – 79% female respondents said they prefer a male boss while only 66% of male respondents said they’d prefer a male boss
  • 56% of those who currently work with a female boss would like to have a male boss and 71% of those who currently work with a male boss prefer continuing

Of all the respondents that prefer male bosses, 44% rated them as considerate and understanding, 30% rated them as practical, 17% rated them as fun and flexible while 9% rated them as unbiased.
Of all the respondents that prefer female bosses, 69% rated them as considerate and understanding, 19% rated them as fun and flexible and 12% rated them as being practical. The standout here is that none of the respondents rated female bosses as unbiased.

  • Junior, entry and mid-level employees say they prefer male bosses while senior professionals, especially with over 20 years, said they prefer female bosses
  • 56% of respondents from mid-size organizations said they prefer female bosses
  • 70% of respondents from metros and a whopping 90% of them from tier I cities/state capitals prefer male bosses
  • In the case of respondents from tier II cities, 56% preferred having male bosses
  • 92% respondents working in the IT/Telecom sector say they prefer having a male boss
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