And The Desi Yo Is..? OYE!

Yo is the new Yo! You Yo And They Yo. The More You Yo, The More YOu Feel Great About YOurself!

Well, I am talking about the Yo app which recently raised $1mn funding and has surprised entrepreneurs/investors/industry over the possible reasons why YO is relevant (and fundable)! All that the app does is it enables you to send push notification to your network with a ‘Yo’. A pretty cool way to keep in touch with friends and people? Well Yo decide!

And ofcourse, few app developers from India have launched the desi version of Yo, and it’s called Oye!


The Oye App developer* tells NextBigWhat:

“After using Yo! we realized that the way we communicate with each other has changed forever. But there was something missing in the app, something just didn’t feel right so we decided to create something that would help us and millions of Indians like us communicate with each other. Hence was born the idea of Oye!

We kept the interface very simple so that any user even someone totally new to smartphones can use the app. But we deliberately added an Indian feel to the app. The Indian feeling and simplicity are what we think will differentiate Oye! from other messaging and communication apps.

To start off we just want the users to share the joy of saying and hearing Oye! from friends but that’s not the end of it. Just imagine the use cases for such communication, the number of different things that just an Oye! sent from different accounts could signify – A six in cricket for sports lovers, rally in stock market for bankers, holiday in school for children – the possibilities are endless, this is just the start of something big.”

An Oye For India? Well, yes. Communication protocol is being rewritten and while one would like to write it off or joke about a Yo! or Oye, let’s not forget that the same happened with Twitter when they launched.

Till then, do a Yo! Oye!

*Disclaimer : I don’t have an active Android device – so haven’t installed/played with the app yet. Please feel free to share your review/feedback.

Quick Question : Which YO Investor From India Will Invest in OYE? Any guesses?

Next up : Does Yo Matter?

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