Indian Urban School Kids Are Digital Natives

Survey by TCS reveals some interesting findings about the urban school kids in India

  • 3% of urban students spend over an hour online daily
  • 93% are aware of social networking
  • Orkut and Facebook are most popular online destinations
  • 46% use online sources to access news; TV, newspaper users at 25 per cent
  • 62% have a personal computer at home
  • 1 in 4 students own laptops in metros; 2 of 3 own music players
  • IT and engineering remain overwhelming popular career choices
  • Media and Entertainment, Travel and Tourism are emerging careers
  • USA, UK top list of international destinations for higher studies

The survey (link) was conducted by TCS to identify the DNA of future employees.

TCS identified the youth in four categories

  • The Globetrotter: Today’s students continue to express a strong desire to be mobile like previous generations. The Globetrotter has global ambitions and wants to study and work abroad.
  • The Gadgetphile: Students from both metros and mini-metros who love gadgets and aspire to have the latest products available. The i-Pod Indian is more likely to be found with access to a web-enabled mobile, the latest gaming console, i-Pods and if he/she doesn’t have one, then aspires to own an i-Phone.
  • The Nation-builder: The Indian student is focused on his/her career but is as much interested in the additional benefits that careers brings, such as travel, learning new skills, experience to be gained, interesting workplace, and salary. The Nation-Builder is optimistic about Indian companies and favours them over the most popular international MNCs.
  • The Social Networker: The Social Youth communicates with anyone and everyone as long as they have the same interests. This child could mark the start of a new democracy where he/she reaches out to more people through social networks and is likely to be more socially active, willing to gather other like-minded youths or even form social network parties.

What’s your take on these findings?

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