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indiankanoonSo what do you do if you need to find information about Indian laws and how is it interpreted?

Most of the times, you end up paying lots of money to lawyers to extract info and be at their mercy for the interpretation.

Sushant, computer science student at Univ. of Michigan has launched IndianKanoon, a search engine to find info about Indian laws and court judgements.

“While it is commendable to make law documents available to common people, it is still quite difficult for common people to easily find the required information. The first problem is that acts are very large and in most scenarios just a few section of laws are applicable. Finding most applicable sections from hundreds of pages of law documents is too daunting for common people.
Secondly, laws are often vague and one needs to see how they have been interpreted by the judicial courts. Currently, the laws and judgments are separately maintained and to find judgments that interpret certain law clauses is difficult. ”

Indiankanoon breaks law documents into smallest possible clause and by integrating law/statutes with court judgments. A tight integration of court judgments with laws and with themselves allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments.” sources data from and all supreme court judgments from, and crawls these sites for updates.
Give IndianKanoon a spin and do share your comments.

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  1. Whether National Rifle Association of India NRAI which is registered under Society Act , receiving aid from Sports ministry of Indiam registered with sports ministry etc is coming under meaning of State under article 12 of constitution?

  2. Pronote in the persons name and cheque for settlement given in the company name is the suit under negotiable instruments act maintanable.

  3. The person in whose name pronote is given and the cheque given to a company for settlement are two different distinct identities and therefore payment made to a company can not amount to settlement of the pronote in the name of the person. Hence such a suit is not maintainable. However if the said person agrees in writing to treat the payment made to the company by cheque as settlement of the pronote amount, then such a suit would be maintainable. Similarly, if the company gives in writing that the cheque given to it towards pronote given to the person is acceptable towards settlement, this will be valid only if the said person accepts this in writing.

  4. I found this very site very useful, we are able to locate Indian judgement which are considered very essential for the decisions in any legal suit. In my opinion, this website has transformed the life of common citizens facing legal problem by facilitating them to avail the necessary citations at the tip of button.

  5. this site is very useful for getting the jugments to know what judgement has been delivered whihc becames law of land I hvave question if therer is two persons as nominee in the service recored if one dies whetther the other nomineee is entitled for entire benefirts or desced nominees legal herei are entitled for teh benefits

  6. I wish to continue to use your website. it is very useful and thanks for the services.

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