Startup Roundup: IndiaOrders, inQuisitive, Yoossup

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Startup Roundup: IndiaOrders, inQuisitive, Yoossup

Besides the startups we profiled in detail earlier, here are some that caught our attention. Try on your online shopping spree. Learn a new course from inQuisitive and meet Facebookers using

Indiaorders provides companies a chance to launch and promote their own e-business. Through the portal brands and retailers can participate and compete directly by registering on the website. believes that consumers in India are still skeptical buying from unknown websites. The website is trying to overcome this fear by bridging the difference between the online and offline world. The website has created micro sites in the name of stores which have a physical presence in the offline world. Another feature is that billing is done directly by the store to the customer, so that the customers do not to rely on India Orders for any further follow up in case of exchange or default of product.



inQuisitive, the Mumbai based startup, is an e-learning platform for users looking for a knowledge base across industries, gain exposure and add skills required to get employed. The startup designs and produces educational and skill enhancement course for such users. The portal intends to build a comprehensive knowledge platform that will make education accessible, through the Internet and the digital medium for the students who do not have access to universities and teachers. Currently the website offers courses specific to the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry. There are also subject related quizzes available on the platform that students can access to check their learning progress.The site is working towards adding many more industry specific courses in the near future. Students, colleges and companies can register with the service. Companies registering will also get access to student profiles registered with the service for their hiring needs.

yoossup is a Facebook application released using which users can find people on Facebook without knowing their name or email id or any such personal info. All a user need to do is enter the details of the occasion when you saw the person. If the person on the other end also enters similar details in the app, then he/she will be able to see you in the search result.

Using this product can be extremely useful for building contacts, socializing etc during events, seminars, movies, restaurants, gatherings, on trips and especially for individuals who want to connect to/find each other.

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