IndiaProperty Launches Discover, A Context-Aware Property Search Engine For Mobile

IndiaProperty has launched a new mobile-first real estate search experience called ‘Discover’ that uses machine learning to serve users information relevant to them.


Discover is IndiaProperty’s big bet on the mobile and also aims to reinvent the way people search for property – answering their queries by understanding what they’re looking for.

The proprietary machine learning engine maps user behavior patterns and begins to understand the context of what the user is searching for. The Discover engine then presents them with content in the form of cards in a feed that’s regularly refreshed with new content.

The information in the feed includes news articles, market reports, localities of interest, price trends, properties matching the user’s interest along with regular project status updates.

IndiaProperty is also working on other mobile-first innovations such as Virtual Assistant, Augmented Reality Visualisation and a mobile first CRM Solution for Property Agents etc.

The company’s motivation to jump onto the mobile-first bandwagon comes from the fact that its app and mobile web usage is almost at par with desktop usage.

IndiaProperty’s Discover engine will be a part of its Android and iOS apps and also Mobile Web.

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