A Look At 25 Mobile Startups Pitching for #MobileIQ [Update]


A Look At 25 Mobile Startups Pitching for #MobileIQ [Update]

IndiaQuotient has shortlisted 25 early stage technology startups for its #MobileIQ event which will be held on January 16th-18th.
The focus of the event is to identify startups that are building the next-big-thing in mobile-based product space, which go beyond the barriers of the Internet, language and apps. The #MobileIQ platform on a whole aims to aid mobile startups in securing initial funding.
The platform promotes apps and ideas that focus on untapped sectors like Finance, Healthcare, Education, Gaming, Social, small biz software, etc, says Anand Lunia, founder of IndiaQuotient. Over the course of the three day event, the teams will be mentored and given the opportunity to launch their products, with the winning team receiving a spot funding of Rs 50 lakh.
Here’s the list of shortlisted startups:
Shippr (www.shippr.in)
Rent.Set.Go (www.rentsetgo.co)
WooMe (www.woome.mobi)
Instano (www.instano.in)
Taskbob (www.taskbob.com)
DishKhoj (www.dishkhoj.com)
PocketAd (www.pocketad.in)
FitHo (www.fitho.in)
The Zero Games (www.thezerogames.com)
Pinchat (www.approximity.im)
Guiddoo (www.guiddoo.com)
Bite Club www.biteclub.in
Loopy Messenger (www.loopymessenger.com)
Stupidsid (www.stupidsid.com)
Sharingo (www.smartmumbaikar.com)
Tap&Eat (www.tapandeat.com)
Tap Doctor (www.tap-doctors.com)
Crown It (www.crownit.in)
Reach (www.letsearch.co)
Ship Easy (www.shipeasy.in)
Eddiary (www.eddiary.com)
BikeSeeker (www.bikeseeker.com)
WhichApp (www.whichapp.it)
Flynx (www.flynxapp.com)
[Update] Out of the initial list of 25 startups, IndiaQuotient shortlisted five of them at its #MobileIQ event which was held between January 16th-18th. While the top team will be entitled to receiving Rs 50 lakh in spot funding, IQ hopes that as the products mature it will invest in more than one of these shortlisted startups.
Here’s the list of the five finalists:
Taskbob: Creates happy households by providing pre-screened, skilled servicemen for everyday repairs with just a simple tap.
WhichApp: A mobile app discovery platform that allows users to see what apps their friends use.
Reach: A file sharing app that lets friends discover and share files without uploading them until required.
The Zero Games: A service that allows brands to insert non-intrusive ads as part of the gaming experience, by placing them on billboards in the background.
PinChat: An app that allows you to discover and chat with people that are at the same location as you.
Apart from the five finalists, IndiaQuotient notes that there are a few other noteworthy startups that could become significant in the future. They are: Fitho, Mobhe, Shippr, Instano, Viraltrics, Rentsetgo and PocketAd.

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