India’s farmed chickens dosed with world’s strongest antibiotics


India’s farmed chickens dosed with world’s strongest antibiotics

Hundreds of tonnes of an “antibiotic of last resort” – only used in the most extreme cases of sickness – are shipped to India each year to be used, without medical supervision, on animals that may not require the drugs but are being dosed with them nevertheless to promote the growth of healthy animals.
Without these drugs, diseases that were commonly treatable in the last century will become deadly once again (source).

This is a classic case of (game theory) prisoner’s dilemma – in our need to win in the short term, we aren’t cooperating with the nature. We are ‘forcing’ health in animals and in the process, hurting the entire race.
The non-cooperation works in the short term, but hurts everyone in the long run. But then, who cares?
What can be done to prevent this behavior? Is policing the only option?

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  1. Nav

    The article by Hindu is a unique mish mash of half truths and heresy with no real data. For one, let me say that the article has been blown out of proportion.
    On the other hand, western poultry industry has been trying to export meat to India with limited success so far because Poultry Industry in India has been able to produce meat more efficiently than the rest of the world. They try their level best to show poultry industry in India in a bad shape.
    If you had read through the article by Hindu, the article never really dwells on any amount of detail on several key aspects. For example, They never share how many farms they have surveyed. They never share if antibiotics have been discovered in meat. They also don’t share if the traces discovered, if at all were discovered, were above or below international norms. They also never share the dietary habits of patients who have been discovered as resistant to multiple drugs. The article in its entire length never satisfactorily establishes the causal relationship.
    Western medical lobby has been trying to project Indian health care in a bad light because hospitals in the West are loosing patients due to medical tourism. So for several years they have sponsored research to prove the presence of superbugs in India. handiwork work of paid media

  2. Moushumi Pardesi

    John Nash presented the world with Nash Equilibrium, which is where the best and worst of cases in a certain scenario for a group of acting forces settles at. The drug problem can be solved either by sustainable development of animal health or substitution of extreme drugs with milder drugs that subside the long run detrimental effects as well as serve the purpose of health maintenance and disease prevention in the short run.

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