India’s Independence day goes global – Over 4 million queries on the Web


30 million Indian netizens on the Internet. What binds them together?

A few keywords: “Indian Independence day“!India Independence wordpress logo

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – 2.6 million Indian netizens were searching for news/content related to Indian Independence day on August 15th.

‘Indian Independence Day’ was on top of mind for more than 2.6 million times on August 15, 2007 of all the people surfing the Internet in India. This was followed by United States (over 0.9 million), the United Kingdom (almost 0.2 million) and Australia (more than 0.12 million). –source

Here is the breakup of queries from across the globe:

CountryNo. of queries
India2,627,85 0
Canada78, 090

Also, check out Google trends – the spike happens only during the same time.

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By the way, I am currently in San Francisco and went out with couple of Indians to celebrate the Independence day – we went to an Indian restaurant and the mood there was amazing! People were wishing each other ‘Happy Independence day’ – and I felt good to see that Indians are more Indians when not in India (don’t you think so?)

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