India’s Innovation Rewards System : Thoughts in the time of Covid-19


It’s corona time and every IITian / accomplished entrepreneur is busy launching a visual graph portal – the one that looks sexy and beautiful.

Bare bones, all these portals just showcases the number of cases in region/state/country.

Better graph. Better UX. Colorful. Interactive. Goes viral.

But nothing actionable.

Offers no solution.

No real tech to solve Covid19.

Just beautiful graphs – with multiple ways to visualize data.

But no solution to fix Corona virus issue.

The solution, i.e. testing kit (which is the most important tech right now, even before ventilators) comes from Mylab – a startup started by founders from state colleges.

Who (I am guessing) can never get funded by tier-1 investors.

Who (I am guessing) will never be considered sexy.

Who (I am guessing) will never receive X under X awards.

Who (I am guessing) will never be able to raise loads of money.

And that’s because they were creating things while others were merely aggregating and ‘making better visualizations’ (i.e story-telling).

Post-Covid world, I am guessing will reward creators more than entitled entrepreneurs who are just good at story telling, but they are just that..story-tellers.

I am guessing I will be right.

Or maybe not.

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