India’s Under 25 Crowd Drives Growth In Smartphones [Report]

63 percent of growth in smartphones in India is lead by users under 25 , says report
63 percent of growth in smartphones in India is lead by users under 25 , says report

Data analytics company Vserv has released a report showing detailed information about smartphone users in India.

The Smartphone User Persona Report (SUPR) is based on an automated, opt-in collection of data from over 12,000 smartphone users in India over a three month period. It sheds some interesting light on app usage, time spent on various apps, data consumption patterns and user demographics.

According to the report, Under 25s are leading the charge in smartphone usage making up 63 percent of the user base. It further divides the user base into 6 key ‘personas’.

  • App Junkies who download  more than 18 apps every month who make up 25 percent of the user base.
  • Social Stars and Conversationalists that spend over 2 hours every day on average using Social media and Chat applications totalling a fifth of users.
  • Entertainment Buffs who spend nearly an hour on average each day using their smartphones to listen to music or view media.
  • Utilitarians, who use their devices to order or pay for services and goods over the phone.
  • Dabblers who use a mixture of apps and functions available to them on smartphones.

According to data suggested by the report, the smartphone market will grow at an annual rate of 26 percent till 2017.


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