Indiatimes launches AdRingles (ARBT service), Mocolife Group Messaging service


Indiatimes launches AdRingles (ARBT service), Mocolife Group Messaging service

Permission marketing is in and Indiatimes too has launched it’s ARBT (Ad RingBack Tone) service (read more about OnMobile’s ARBT launch) called AdRingles.

Indiatimes 58888 will rope in advertisers, collect content in the form of ad RBTs from them and pass it on to the mobile operators, who will, in turn, offer these to the mobile subscribers. Similar to caller tunes, consumers may subscribe or opt in for the service through the interactive voice response (IVR) system and SMS. – source

As per the stats, ~30% of the 300 million mobile subscribers in India have opted for caller tune services and ARBT could just open up a very strong revenue channel for operators.

Indiatimes’ AdRingles will serve as a platform enabling advertisers to upload their ad RBTs on the site. Mobile operators will be allowed to pick up the uploaded tones and offer them to subscribers. A subscriber can opt-in for this service by registering via various modes (such as IVR, SMS, USSD) and get rewarded by the operator through different methods.


Earlier last month, Indiatimes launched MocoLife, a group SMS service that also offers content based on subscription (astrology, cricket scores, bollywood etc).

Indiatimes 5888 is driving whole lot of VAS activity and it’s really amazing to see a hardcore media company is serving as a platform for operators/content players to monetize the subscriber base.

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