Exclusive: IndiaTVGuide App shuts down its service

IndiaTVGuide, the EPG-plus-video-on-demand app has shut down its service. The app was unavailable in iOS and Android app stores till 2 days back (it is available in Android again, but the app doesn’t really work).

The app had more than 2,75,000 downloads and launched videos-on-demand feature in April, 2012. As far as monetization model is concerned, the app followed a simple freemium model (free version carries advertisement and you need to go premium for ad-free experience) to monetize the service.
While we aren’t sure of the reason behind shutting down, I believe the next big bet for IndiaTVGuide was to bring TV channels on-board (i.e. streaming), though a lot of channels probably want to wait for few more years to look at streaming as serious source of revenue.

Maybe there is a need to build a platform that can app-ify channel content? What’s your take? How easy is it to wade through TV channel business to have them share revenue for content?

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