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Indian Startups – online directory for brands is an interesting Indian startup that collates the TV ads, categorize them based on product category and allows users to view the ads on the website.

As per the founders:

Company worked on the premise that the same advertisement clips that might seem intrusive if seen to interrupt the flow of a serial or a cricket match, might be perceived as a useful service if customers could decide when they wanted to view them (source)

This, surely is an interesting initiative and in my opinion, they should tie up with product review/comparison engines (like mouthshut) to gain traction. Most of the consumers don’t want to look at TV ads while deciding on buying a product (unless it’s a local ad with contact/address details, a market well addressed by newspapers). The first part of buying decision research starts by reading the reviews from other users.

TV ads are more about creating awareness and they do drive brand recall, but having an “ad-only” site may not serve the purpose (there has to be an intrinsic value for a consumer to visit a site – for e.g. what comparison parameters do you derive from say, a Hero Honda ad vs. Bajaj?)

IndiBiz’s business model revolves around lead generation and they plan to charge companies for providing a link for the viewer to contact the product companies by e-mail or phone.

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