Google extends support for 6 Indic languages in Gmail for feature phones

Gmail has extended support for 6 Indic languages in Gmail on the feature phone browser – Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.gmail_indic_language

Users need to click the Gmail’s gear icon in the upper right, then select settings. At the top of the page, select a language from the Gmail display language drop-down menu in the Language section. Further after saving the particular language, Gmail interface will appear in the language of your choice.

Importantly, Gmail’s display language doesn’t affect the language in which users’ messages are sent and received.

Earlier in November 2012, Google launched support for different languages in its web font API with 9 different languages supported in the Web Font API- Arabic, Lao, Ethiopic, Tamil, Thai, Bengali, Hindi, Korean, and Burmese.

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