Indipepal – Converging Content and Social Networking

While most of the social networks have failed, few players are still betting on the space as a viable play across content and networking.

Indipepal, a recently launched product is attempting to converge content and social networking around few verticals.

To start off, Indipepal has launched 3 verticals:

  • NGOs: Database of NGO organizations,
  • Defence: Content around Army/Navy/Air Force, Blogs from NSG founder etc.
  • Bollywood : Of course, the great traffic source.

Like any socionet, users can comment/add content etc..though I really don’t see major differentiation in Indipepal.

Infact, all these verticals are actually part of groups inside Orkut/Facebook and to me, socionet with different range of vortals has lesser appeal than a site dedicated to a single vertical (e.g. seafolks, a socionet for merchant navy officers). It’s all about user intents andI am not really sure what intent is Indipepal trying to capture.

Mumbai based Indipepal is started by Prashant Agarwal, ex-McKinsey consultant.

The product is currently in alpha state and plans to add more verticals in the coming days. Share your opinion on Indipepal – will you use it?

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