IndyaRocks to Launch Social IM – Integrates with all IM Services

Indyarocks is announcing the launch of Social IM service (goes live on June 11th) that will enable it’s members to chat with their buddies across different IM services.

Indyarocks’ Social IM supports chat within it’s network as well as Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

Of course, users can share Indyarocks content while while chatting with their friends in the same browser window (on the lines of Facebook chat).

This is an interesting feature and is the first Indian socionet to open up it’s network to third party IMs (Facebook is still walled garden). What’s really commendable is the implementation – we checked out the implementation and it looks fairly neat.

Social IM, the chat feature has been launched in partnership with Geodesic and will be monetized through branding campaigns advertisements.

Indyarocks boasts of 3.2mn userbase and very recently announced partnership with (for free video channel)

What’s your take on the Social IM feature?

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