Infibeam launches Indent – a technology solution for Music Labels, Brands and OEM

Infibeam has launched a new formed subsidiary called Indent that will enable companies to build music services, be it download or streaming, mobile or web and have access to easy billing and payment gateways. Additionally this will also get content owners to directly engage with consumers.

On the lines of BuildaBazaar, Indent is a platform play on which products and services can be built easily and that’s what Indent offers. The company has signed multi crore deal with Sony Music Entertainment India using which Sony Music is building 3 compelling products.

– The first of the block under the Streaming Product is JIVE HDIndia’s first comprehensive international music service with license agreement with other labels including UMG. This product was launched keeping in mind a huge opportunity that exists as there is no platform in India that allows consumers to access only international music. The product has been launched on Microsoft’s’ OS platform –Windows 8 and will eventually be available across other platforms.

– The second product being the Download Product, the launch of Sony Music website where in consumers can buy songs from the entire SME repertoire. The other in the category is a Sony Music App, an OEM product where in the app would be embedded on your smart phone and people can buy music through it.

– The third product in this category is Brand Redemption Stores, where in the Brand would pre buy music and give it away as promotions with purchases of their products or as loyalty rewards.

Infibeam has been trying out a whole lot of stuff – right from tablets to selling second hand books to ebook readers to ecommerce platform to now, a tech platform for Music labels.

A case of over ambition?

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