InfiBeam launches its own branded mobile phones

These days, if you are seen a lot in China, you either are munching an Apple clone or planning an entry in eBook reader/touchscreen or even mobile space.

Infibeam, an Indian ecommerce startup has launched an eBook reader, a touchscreen device and has also launch its own branded mobile phones.

The company has launched three mobile phones/smartphones:

I666 – PDA phone with QWERTY keyboard and dual SIM. It has a torchlight, MP3/MP4 support along with FM radio. Bluetooth and Wifi enabled with digital TV which is DVB-T compatible. The phone has 2.4 inch real TP WQVGA high resolution touch screen with dual cameras and support for video recording

I5000 – GSM based Flip phone with QWERTY keyboard and dual SIM. It has a 2.2 inch high resolution touch screen with excellent GPRS/ EDGE and power saving.

I500 – PDA phone with full-touch screen and dual SIM Standby. Bluetooth and Wifi enabled with analog TV with SECAM, PAL and NTSC support.

smart phones from infibeamWe first came across the site in Sep 2007 and at that point, it was a great looking car retailing site. There was something really cool about Infibeam that made my say :

It’s not very often that I come across Indian sites that makes me say “WoW!” InfiBeam is probably one of those few products which fall under ‘eye candy‘ category!

Three years down the line, the company has upgraded itself to a level where it is a lot more than what it was started to be.

Call them the Amazon of India [logo similarity?], but the company is betting big on digital markets and is probably trying its hands on every possible ecommerce product to sell more of what others are selling. Most importantly, they are creating market for products like an eBook reader and interestingly, some of their competition who earlier said NO to these markets are now seeing in China as well!

We will interview Vishal Mehta (Founder/CEO) shortly and we would like to have you participate in the interview as well – send in your questions to Vishal in the comment section.