Influencer Marketing: Another Way to Scale Your Startup

While launching a first product, the CEO of a startup aims to make his product reach across millions of users. However, they feel lacking in efforts or strategy which is not allowing to achieve the goal. One of the approaches that can support the idea of reaching to maximum users is – influencer marketing. All startups should definitely give it a try.
Influencers are those who are thought leaders and can create a great impact on buying decisions. They carry a trust badge, so their readers believe them and consider their opinions while making any decisions. Partnering with top rated influencers who have the widespread reach that syncs in with the brand’s target audience can extend your reach massively.
Influencers fall majorly under four categories:

  • Bloggers
  • Domain specialists
  • Innovators or Trendsetters
  • Celebs

How startups can work with influencer for successful product reach
Either you can outsource influencer marketing or can manage it using internal skills. It can depend on speed and cost that you want to invest in influencer marketing. The process includes:
Identify your category and find such influencers: You cannot just search and ask any influence to market your product. Every influence would not be having knowledge about your product domain. Therefore, search for such influence that has expertise in the domain of the product that you are launching. You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Check how many followers they have, frequent postings, high engagement ratio via like/share.
Interact and pitch the influencers: Convincing about your product and their features to an influencer from basic can be nerve-racking. What you should do is before interacting, start following them on their social media profiles. Send them a direct message and establish introduction primarily. This way, they will visit your website and have an initial idea about your business. Interact and let them know how the partnership can bring benefit on both the ends.
Measure the efforts at the certain interval: At the end of the month, if you see that figures are increasing, that means your influencer marketing is working. If such is the case then there is no harm in continuing with it. Whether it is working or not that can be identified by tracking links or unique promo codes, checking referral sources in Google Analytics and other such tactics.
Many startups have a doubt in their mind is it worth to invest in influencer marketing. Yes, it is!  If it’s not working for you then identify where you are going wrong. Every industry, every niche has influencers. Find the right one and start it today.
About Author:Lucy Keith is a Global Sales Channel and Marketing Manager and currently working at Gateway TechnoLabs, Luxembourg. She likes to participate in startup forums and exchange innovative ideas that makes life better. Follow her on Twitter at @LucyKaith

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