InfoMedia18’s Local Search Portal, AskMe Goes off the Web

JustDial sued InfoMedia’s newly launched local search engine, earlier (JustDial Sues Askme, Portal asked to shut down by Court) and has been shutdown for now (503 error).

While the two companies fight it out (the decision was passed yesterday, i.e. Jan 29th), this is quite a milestone for Indian IP law. In fact, tlocal search portal, askmehis sets a precedent and will probably help whole lot of companies who have an IP in the content which can easily be copied by others.

What’s interesting is that the case was filed in Delhi and not Bangalore or Mumbai – I spoke to an IP lawyer regarding this and he explained the reason – “Bangalore/Mumbai court hardly understands what a website is, so forget about fighting a case on content”.

Indian IP laws are still archaic and the recently amended IT Act is too broad to cover such cases.

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