Infosys Innovation Fund Invests in ANSR Consulting, a GIC Consulting Player

Infosys has invested in ANSR Consulting, a leading Global In-house Center (GIC) strategy consulting and implementation firm, which helps global enterprises establish strategic service delivery and innovation capabilities.infosys

Earlier this year, Infosys announced the creation of a US$500 million Innovation Fund earmarked for investments in disruptive new business models and technologies. This investment from the fund widens Infosys’ reach in the fast-growing GIC market.

Global companies are setting up GICs to harness new technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud. India has emerged as a unique destination for GICs due to wide access to technical and business talent at a reasonable cost, and the growing ecosystem of successful GICs.

ANSR Consulting, which has helped establish several GICs within India, creates joint ventures with companies such as those in the Fortune 500. ANSR Consulting helps the joint venture provide strategic, technology-driven solutions that drive competitive advantage and incremental revenue for the companies involved.

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