@Infosys Closes a Deal on Twitter..Twitter is surely going mainstream

So what if Dell made $3mn from Twitter, our Indian services companies aren’t a laggard when it comes to embracing the new media.

We earlier shared how Wipro expanded it’s presence in Second Life, and the company now claims 9,000 unique visitors to it’s second life lab.

Coming back to the story, Infosys team recently closed a deal successfully using Twitter. The prospective buyer posted a query on Twitter, which Infy team tracked (yeah, a lot of B2B companies track keywords on social media sites). Infy’s sales team got in touch with the buyer and  closed the deal, marking their first successful sale in the twitter world.

Twitter India Traffic Numbers
Twitter India Traffic Numbers

The trick that Twitter (and several social media sites) do is that they drastically lower the access barrier. The prospective buyer, in Infy’s case probably had to go through the entire formal process of reaching out to sales team and the ‘traditional’ process would have taken almost double of what it did with Twitter.

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Most importantly, it’s always good to see Indian companies coming out of their bureaucratic world and attempting to do something different – something more agile than what they are used to!

What’s your opinion?

Next – What/How should Indian companies approach Twitter?

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