Infosys urges employees to save $10


Infosys urges employees to save $10

In a cost cutting drive, Infosys has urged it’s employees to cut cost atleast by $10.

“If each one of us is able to identify a savings of even $10-not just per day or per month-but $10 as a one-time effort from each one of us, that would translate to a saving of close to $1,000,000-which is a substantial amount.

I urge each one of you as a key stakeholder of the company’s success, to examine your work environment and look at opportunities that will optimise utilisation and control expenditure. What may appear to be an insignificant saving at the ground level, may well add up to substantial savings when aggregated at the regional or global level ” – Infy CEO (internal mail to employees).

Infosys earlier launched an interesting initiative that rewards employees who reach office before 8 AM (i.e. beat traffic and that hopefully results in increased productivity) – the major impact for Infosys is that buses spend lesser time on the road and the firm saves Rs 20,000 per day in fuel costs!

Surely a few things that one can always learn from Infy.

How are startups controlling costs? I know of couple of smart startups who are setting up operations in Jaipur, Ranchi and other Tier-II cities.

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