Infosys to Have Social Media Policy [Employee Dissatisfaction?]

Employees chatting about their company on social networking sites?

We recently covered how a school in Vadodara (Gujarat) suspended six students for using abusive language on FB and now, Infosys plans to introduce a ‘social media policy’ that will enable it to take legal action against employees who leak confidential company information on social networking sites.

“..there are instances when two people working on the same project posted project information on sites like Facebook, least bothered about the fact that this is an information leakage made on an unprotected site,

The social media policy we plan to introduce will talk about the dos and donts of an employee participating in social media. It is like a code of conduct which aims at stopping the employees from sharing confidential and sensitive company information on unprotected places like social networking sites” – report.

An earlier report by Assocham even claimed that social networking sites kills productivity to an extent of 12.5%!

Employee Dissatisfaction?

7,833 employees quit Infosys in Q1 of 2010 and one can gauge the dissatisfaction level from the below ‘Google suggest’ options (via):


Before employee dissatisfaction hits the public domain, its important for Infosys to ensure that employees are made clear and be held responsible for their tweets/FB status updates.

Though one has to agree that sharing confidential information in public domain is a strict no-no, we sincerely hope that policies like these aren’t meant to curb the ’employee democracy’, the option of talking about the good/bad points about their employer.

Aside, interesting to note that Infosys recently launched iEngage, a social media platform (SAAS) that energizes the enterprise’s social media marketing, eCommerce, customer care, and employee engagement strategies.

Ah well, how about eating one’s dog food?


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