Infosys Innovation Fund Upped By 5X to $500 Million. We Hope They Invest (This Time)

Infosys intends to focus on startups in innovative technologies like AI, automation, IoT etc.

Infosys which had set up an ‘innovation fund’ of $100 million in 2013 has expanded its fund size 5X to $500 million with a view to better invest in the startup ecosystem.193px-Infosys_India
The expanded funds will be used by Infosys for investing in innovative technology areas such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), collaborative technologies and design.
The innovative fund was introduced in light of the Infosys 3.0 strategy that would propel Infosys into its next phase of evolution. Since Vishal Sikka’s addition to Infosys as non-founder CEO, the firm has been focusing on working with startups foraying into ‘technologies of tomorrow’ like AI, automation, IoT as well as collaboration and design technologies.
We certainly hope they actually use the fund beyond the PR tricks.

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