Infosys Launches Mobile App Platform, Flypp

Infosys today announced the launch of Flypp™, an application platform which will empower mobile service providers to delight digital consumers through a host of ready-to-use experiential applications across the universe of devices.flypp-logo[1]

Flypp™ from Infosys is a ‘Ready to Launch’ Application platform for mobile operators. Flypp platform enables mobile operators to offer a bouquet of applications, including third party ones to its subscribers with a rich and engaging customer experience. The platform can be easily integrated into operator’s current technology environment and can also plug-and- play with their existing on-deck applications.


Flypp also provides Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) a viable and attractive channel to showcase and monetize their proprietary applications across multiple regions and service providers. The platform also includes an Application Toolbox to test and certify the satisfactory operation of applications on service provider environments.

Flypp Application Platform – Details

Flypp is a white labeled, ready-to-launch application platform for mobile operators that enables monetization through ready-to-use experiential applications across devices.

Key Modules

  • Technology Services Platform
  • Ecosystem Management Platform
  • Mobile Application Software Portfolio
  • Business Services

Flypp’s plug-and-play platform hosts and retails applications and comprises of:

  • Application delivery platform enabling hosting and delivery of applications
  • Consumer facing application retailing platform providing white labeled retailing capability for the applications portfolio. This may be delivered as an operator-branded
    application store or as a ‘retailing zone’ on the operator’s existing application store
  • Operator facing integration layer enabling integration of the applications portfolio with the operator’s IT systems (CRM, Billing, SDP and so on) and network (messaging,
    location based service and so on), while exposing the right network capabilities to create rich applications (details, pdf)

Ecosystem Management Platform

This platform enables the management of ecosystem partners such as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Business-to-Business (B2B) associates, who in turn license their proprietary applications and content to be made accessible on the operator’s application storefront.

Infrastructure integral to the ecosystem management platform include:

  • Developer portal to manage partners and the business workflow
  • Royalty reporting to manage revenues in collaboration with ecosystem partners
  • Application toolbox to test and certify applications submitted by partners
  • B2B Value delivery platform to integrate applications with the IT backend of B2B associates
  • ISV Developer API to integrate ISV partners’ proprietary applications with internal capability (such as billing, user profile, messaging, location and B2B capability) to
    enable live delivery of applications to the operator’s consumers).

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