Infy not to hire Satyam Employees [Double Standards]

Infosys is often termed ‘opportunistic’ and known to take the higher ground at the right time.

Case in point, the company has asked it’s HR department  to not hire employees from Satyam.

On Hiring Satyam Employees: “We have asked our recruitment staff not to poach anybody from Satyam. The company is in the middle of a crisis and people will jump ship”. Infosys has even advised staff against entertaining calls from Satyam employees.

On acquiring Satyam – “We will not touch such a tainted company.”  – ET

While it’s fine to not acquire Satyam, its a simple double standard to not hire Satyam employees. The basic assumption behind this decision is that Satyam employees also participated in Raju’s chaos story. Before the chaos, Infy was easily poaching employees from Satyam, but post Raju’s disclosure,each and every Satyam employee becomes a criminal.

Mr. NRN, why do you want to take a higher moral ground – always?Don’t you know that employees are under a serious trouble for no fault of theirs? (20,000 Satyam resumes Floating around) and according to this report, Satyam might have an issue paying salary to it’s employees.

Why not respect talent?

Update: Satyam Clients (but not employees) can approach us

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