Injoos – SaaS based Collaboration Platform

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Injoos – SaaS based Collaboration Platform

Injoos is a collaboration platform that marries the power of web2.0 with knowledge management tools – and is delivered as a SaaS application.

The basic concept behind Injoos is to decrease the email clutter that goes around in any team and instead, focus on productivity by being the single point of usage for all things related to a project.

The site lets users create groups  – one can join other communities based on interests (ranges from RFID to Startups etc),  post news items to groups, discuss topics, manage files (i.e online version control) etc.

Think of Injoos as a twiki + whole lot of extra features — like polls/sharing, file management system, project management etc.

The basic version is free and the solution comes in hosted as well as onsite flavor (premium).

Feedback to Injoos team: Content seeding is badly done – once you register/login, the site looks more like a yahoo group clone with a lot of focus on groups that are not relevant to corporate users (for e.g. Hebbal Ahead,Marital Counselling etc etc ) – infact, they better decide early on their consumer focus vs. customer focus – i.e. what sort of positioning do they want to take in these two different segments.

Do give Injoos a spin and share your comments.

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