Between Facebook And Google, We Hope InMobi Goes With Facebook

The rumor mill suggests that Google is in talks to acquire InMobi (reported by ET). In our 2015 prediction, we mentioned that InMobi will get acquired by Facebook.inmobi-logo
Between the two companies (i.e. Google and Facebook), if at all InMobi has an option – they should go for Facebook.
And here is why:
– At the end of the day, ad networks need to find more product innovation use-case than being just another inventory selling model. Facebook is innovating at a much rapid speed than what Google is doing in mobile space. Facebook *OWNS* your stream. Google doesn’t (they own Android – but what you do with the phone matters and is largely a function of Facebook than Google).
Facebook will innovate over native ads and several other ad formats at a much-impacting speed than Google and for InMobi, that’s the next level of disruption opportunity. The thing is that Facebook is experimenting, while Google isn’t. For Google, distribution comes by default, but for Facebook – everything is earned (and they still own your stream).
Except search, all of Google’s initiatives to acquire audience has been a failure and if at all InMobi ends up in bed with Google, they will be just another ad network being bought for ‘current’ market value and not for the upstream innovation that could possibly happen on mobile.

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