InMobi Launches $2mn Developer Fund – 100% Revenue Share with Mobile App Developers

has launched developer fund to attract mobile developers to use InMobi in-app advertising. The fund basically enables developers to keep the 100% revenue of money developers will make from using the ad network in their apps and the program will be available as long as there is money present in the $2mn kitty.

We will offer you 100% revenue share (e.g. you keep all the money!) on all your mobile advertising until the $2 million fund is gone. Bottom line, once you’re with us, we believe you’ll stay and appreciate the global scale and financial stability we provide – so much so that we are willing to bet $2 million on it! – more

InMobi recently entered the US market, which coincidentally is aptly timed give the stringent terms and conditions Apple has imposed on it’s iPhone/iPad advertising program.

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