InMobi launches InMobi Lifetime Value Platform [maximize the lifetime value of each user]

App development space is going through a shift – while the number of apps has increased exponentially, monetization is still a distant dream (Report: iOS continues to deliver highest returns to publishers, Android slips).

Of course, there is a huge gap between Cost of user acquisition and monetization – an that imbalance fuels the need for developers to maximize the life time value (LTV) of each user acquired.

has launched InMobi Lifetime Value Platform – a free-to-use platform that helps app developers maximize the lifetime value of each user. The platform allows developers to gain precise insights into their user behavior and enables them to act immediately on these insights – to maximize monetization and engagement seamlessly. The platform (currently in closed beta) allows developers to:

1. Understand Analytics better.
As app users start using the app, all the in-app interaction across users are put together in interesting ways to make for extremely relevant user behavioral data. We leveraged our experience dealing with while serving ads to build analytics that is robust, and is as close to real time analytics as it gets.

2. User segmentation 
Create user segments based on behavioral attributes such as monetary value of the purchase, time spent inside the app, number of app launches, or other custom events unique to the app. These dimensions of user segments can even be bunched together for truly precise in-app targeting.

3. Target users with dynamic actions 
Based on user behavioral insights, developers can define and drive targeted actions allowing for a direct boost in monetization and engagement levels. Consider these actions to be rich in-app messages that modify app behavior at a segment level – with a user experience that feels completely native.

Essentially, InMobi now wants to dig deeper into app developer space and plans to use its recent acquisitions (like MetaFlow) to gain a bigger share of the app development space.

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