Publish, Monetize & Track Your App on More than 130 Stores With Inmobi’s App Publish

Mobile ad network has launched App Publish, an Android app store distribution platform. With the tool, developers can distribute apps across 130 Android app stores, the company said.

Developers can also track app downloads and revenues across channels using the publishing platform. The platform has a few interesting aspects.

It automatically injects code into your app so you can track installs across app stores and countries on a dashboard. Source images can be converted to suit the requirement of multiple app stores automatically. InmobiInmobi’s reasoning to launch the platform is simple. Charles McLeod , who heads business development at Inmobi writes:

Well, there are an estimated 90m ‘forked’ or non-Google Android devices active in China (no Google Play access on device) and major OEMs including Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE and LG as well as mobile operator groups like Vodafone Group have their own App stores across the world, launching from home screens at the touch of a button. That’s a whole lot of devices where the first port of call is unlikely to be Google Play or where there is no Google Play.

There are over 200 independent app stores, he says. Its a great way to access geographies like China.

Inmobi, which raised $200 mn from Japan’s Softbank earlier, had acquired UK based app distribution platform Metaflow, out of which this App Publish has taken shape.

The move will get Inmobi access to tonnes of new publishers and apps to target ads on. However, some of these independent app stores have started shutting down. For instance, Vodafone shut down its app store – AppSelect in November 2012.

Some early adopters have been saying that app submission becomes cumbersome if you are targeting a small number of stalls because the platform still asks you for dozens of images to submit.

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