InMobi Is Reimagining Ads; Launches Miip, A Discovery Platform

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InMobi Is Reimagining Ads; Launches Miip, A Discovery Platform

InMobi has launched Miip, a discovery platform that transforms advertising into moments of discovery for users.

Miip creates discovery zones for consumers within their favorite apps and presents a curated collection of product feeds, apps and related content with stunning visuals. Personified through a mascot of the same name, Miip humanizes the discovery experience through a series of engaging and dynamic conversations. Miip learns and refines its recommendations over time through reactions and emotions expressed by the consumer within the discovery zone.


Unlike traditional push-based advertising, Miip will capture a consumer’s attention through stories stitched together based on a strong unifying theme. For instance, a user who likes rock music will see an intelligently crafted story with curated recommendations across relevant merchandise, track reviews, concert tickets, music equipment or trending rock collections, all within one discovery zone.

Miip extracts content from other existing apps and makes them accessible within the discovery zone. Consumers can also ‘Buy’ products within the discovery zone, through secure payments enabled by Stripe, the partner powering payments for Miip.

Miip is currently in private beta with several partners including Spotify, MachineZone, JustFab, TheRealReal, Joyus, Rhymeo and Vidzy.

Question to Inmobi: So does this mean that Inmobi is largely targeting *product* advertisers? And not the ones who are selling services (like banking / insurance) or are into brand advertising ?

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  1. The App “Vidzy” is the Next Big Thing. It rocks !!!!

  2. Hottest new App is Vidzy right now. It’s pretty epic.

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