InMobi Partners With Rubicon to Launch Native Ad Exchange

InmobiAfter launching a native ad platform in January 2014, has partnered with US-listed Rubicon Project and announced a native exchange platform where marketers can buy and sell ads online across mobile sites and apps.

The platform extends custom native experience to programmatic buyers and sellers. It allows the marketers to buy and sell ad-slots, both banner and native, in one place.

Inmobi estimates that the exchange will reach 759 million active users and 30000 apps.

With its native ad platform Inmobi had offered developers and publishers a mechanism to create ad slots to deliver in-context, native ad experience to their end users.

The platform allows publishers and developers to create custom ad units that are part of the core app experience, blending into the content stream. This platform gives publishers access to advertisers on the Inmobi ad network.

Native ads with their striking resemblance with actual content look to be the next phase in the evolution of the mobile ad market. Although there are global companies such as Hexagram, TripleLift and Bidellect which offer a native ad exchange platform, Inmobi is the first Indian company to do so. Komli has a partnership with Rubicon for normal ads.

Inmobi is hedging heavily on native ads with these two platforms, fusing together an ecosystem for advertisers, publishers and developers to control and scale native ads on top of the already existing Inmobi ad network.

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