InMobi SmartPay Arrives at Opera House

SmartPay and Opera Software have announced a partnership to bring InMobi’s SmartPay platform to Opera’s more than 160 million mobile browser users worldwide.

Post this partnership, InMobi SmartPay will enable Opera users to pay seamlessly for digital goods in key markets around the globe, when they make purchases with some of the leading publishers that partner with InMobi.

Inmobi Smartpay
Inmobi Smartpay


InMobi SmartPay is a global mobile payments and app monetization service aimed at mobile-content publishers and app developers and the solution offers consumers a seamless, pure mobile checkout experience using secure, direct to carrier billing to start, but expanding to all forms of mobile payment methods including credit cards.

Given that Opera rules the mobile browsing experience, this partnership will give InMobi a distribution channel, that spans mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Java (including other browsers for computers, TVs and connected devices).

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