InMobi Launches Video Ads Platform; Is Context Aware & Helps Retargeting


InMobi Launches Video Ads Platform; Is Context Aware & Helps Retargeting

Smartphone is the 207th bone of Gen Y and while Pre-roll video ads, interstitial ads and banners have been the classic advertising formats for videos, there has been hardly any innovation in this space.

Mobile ad network pushed the envelope a bit further by launching its own context-aware video ads platform (which is the result of Overlay Media acquisition).

In addition to the classic video formats like pre-roll video ads, videostitials or full-screen video interstitial ads and click-to-video banner ads, brands can now leverage the multiple advanced video formats from InMobi:

1. Interactive Canvas: Overlaying interactive content on the display canvas allows the advertiser/brand to improve video ad using clickable windows and call-to-action buttons.

2. Video SmartAds: Consumers can now receive contextually relevant ads based on external feeds like location, weather and live data like stock market feeds. Inmobi Video Ads

3. Video Continuum: Identify and re-target consumers by playing ads from a preset video series. A similar frame, background or trigger is used to across the series of ads, keeping the videos familiar and making it clear they are part of a sequence.

4. Form Capture: Better understand consumer preferences through customized questions or triggers that appear during the video ad, leading to more relevant retargeting.

InMobi video ad formats are not retrofitted traditional videos meant to run on non-interactive, one-way devices such as the television. The company claims that the top app developers across categories like gaming, music, media and entertainment, who are participating in an InMobi pilot program regarding video app promotion campaigns have seen an increase of up to 200% in app install rates.

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