InnerChef Unveils HungerTap, An NFC Enabled Fridge Magnet That Unlocks Offers

InnerChef, a food tech startup that’s disrupting the ready-to-eat meal market, has announced its foray into the world of IoT with a device called HungerTap.

InnerChef HungerTap

HungerTap is an NFC enabled magnet that users can stick on their fridge or work desk, and with a single tap of their devices “unlocks exciting world of offers on mobile phones.”

Rather than instantly placing an order upon tapping an NFC enabled smartphone on HungerTap, it just throws up an offer that’s currently running on InnerChef, thereby prompting them to order.

InnerChef says it will use the data gathered from its IoT platform to better understand user preferences and behaviour. Further, it will enable the company to offer more personalised service to its users.

While everyone loves a great offer, does tapping your phone on a HungerTap in order to unlock them seem like an good idea? We’re not really convinced.

Moreover, it isn’t clear what data InnerChef will be able to gather from the NFC magnet than what a user already provides to them from within the app.

One little gadget that we love is Amazon’s Dash Button, a little physical button that allows users to instantly place groceries in their virtual cart. It’s a perfect example of how the Internet of Things should function, and overall does make a user’s life easier.

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