A Look At Rajesh Sawhney’s New Startup : Innerchef [5 Point Review]

Who is the target segment? The typical selfie generation?

GSF Accelerator founder Rajesh Sawhney has cofounded lnnerChef, an online food delivery platform with a small difference, the customers will receive their ordered food: chopped, pre-cooked and flavored along with a easy to follow recipe card.
InnerChef has launched its services in Gurgaon with a plan to expand to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore as well in next 3 months. The delivery is limited to twice in a day- Lunch (11 am till 2 pm) and Dinner (5 pm till 9 pm).innerchef-logo
With 16 special launch recipes, InnerChef gives its customer the satisfaction of cooking healthy, delicious and fresh western cuisines.
The customers can order any recipes of their choice from the lot by adding the items to ‘build your box’ or cart. The chefs chops the ingredients in perfect proportions, adds flavours along with a recipe box and other other side dishes. The recipe box comes with a step by step recipe card which guides the customer on how to do the final cooking (10-20 minutes).

With InneChef, you experience the thrill of cooking and plating a dish that’s fresh and tasty within 10-20 minutes.

5 Point Review Of Innerchef (rather questions and perspectives)
1. Who is the target segment?
Is it somebody who wants to experience the thrill of cooking without cooking? The typical selfie generation?
2. All the dishes listed on the site are for a single potion.
To me, that’s anti-positioning of the product. The product is meant to be a ‘show-off’ – so pricing should reflect that (take some cues from Justdial’s ‘pricing for 2’ for any restaurant).
3. Who owns the bragging rights?
Let’s say I throw a party and I (virtually) ‘make’ some of these healthy-lavish dishes. Everybody loves it – but a nasty friend just spots the Innerchef box lying in the kitchen. Should I be embarrassed (that my secret is out) or be a proud user of Innerchef?
The answer to above will define the positioning of Innerchef (and its positioning in the consumer mind).
4. Inspired by.. Ikea Effect?
Ikea effect suggests that when people use their own labor to construct a particular product, even if done badly, they value the end result more than if they had not put any effort into its creation [wikipedia] Does that explain single potion (to start off)? 🙂
5. Rajesh is already an investor in several startups. Does this impact his current role in GSF (and what startups will they choose)?
If you are in Gurgaon, do give Innerchef a shout and share your feedback.

  1. Funny.. Have always found Rajesh as one of the dumbest investors out there.. Pure networking and show-off… No brain matter. He is out to demonstrate it again.

  2. Guys you should check out cookgourmet.co/whats-cooking.php which delivers original 6 unique recipes each week. They are on demand and delivers in 2 hour anywhere in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

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