Innovative Countries/Cities of the World


Innovative Countries/Cities of the World

McKinsey along with World Economic Forum has created an “Innovation Heat Map,” by identifying factors that are common to successful innovation hubs (business environment, government and regulation, human capital, infrastructure, and local demand etc).

Innovative Zones Worldwide (click for better resolution)

This is what the quadrants mean:

  • Hot springs are small and fast-growing hub that relies on a small number of companies to establish itself as a relevant world player in a narrow sector.
  • Dynamic oceans: large and vibrant innovation ecosystems with continuous creation and destruction of new businesses.
  • Silent lakes: slow-growing innovation ecosystems backed by a narrow range of very large established companies that operate in a handful of sectors.
  • Shrinking pools: innovation hubs that are unable to broaden their areas of activity or increase their lists of innovators and so find themselves slowly migrating down the value chain, as their narrow sector becomes less innovation driven and increasingly commoditized. – more

Silicon valley ofcourse rules the innovation bubble (and the burst as well :)).

Well, if # of patent is one factor, India seems to be catching up (?):

  • India Inc. : Patent vs. Investment in Research and Development
  • Patents : India Vs. China, Local vs. MNCs – and spineless Indian IT Companies
  • Patenting in India – Rising, But Not There Yet
  • Bangalore is World’s Number 2 Tech Hotspot?

What’s your take on this heatmap?

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