5 Innovative Ideas spotted at Spark the Rise Contest : Piezo Electric floor tiles, Regenerative braking [and more]

Spark the Rise is a digital platform for change-makers across India to connect with one another, collaborate and exchange ideas, procure volunteers and donors, and to compete for monthly grants from Mahindra.

The campaign will run in 4 rounds (around three weeks each) from October 2012 to mid- March 2013, including a Grand Finale round. The campaign will enable change makers to drive positive change in India through funding, training and mentorship.

Spark the Rise will give 12 grants each month, plus 5 grants during the Grand Finale. In total, it will award 53 grants. Each month, 8 winning Projects will receive a grant of 4 lakh each, while 4 winning Ideas will receive a grant of 2 lakh each. In the Grand Finale, the top winner in the Project category will receive a grant of 40 lakh, while the two runner-ups will receive grants of 20 lakh each. In the Idea category, the top winner will receive a grant of 20 lakh; the runner-up will receive a grant of 10 lakh.

Here are five innovative ideas spotted at Spark the Rise challenge

1. Roll On- Portable and flexible conveyor belts (link)

Thousands of tons of Pulses stored in Food Corporation of India(FCI) are not loaded to the trucks due to labor shortage. Trucks are standing there for days together.

Idea: The team has developed a portable and flexible roller conveyor belt which could prevent labor shortages. The product is a portable set of electrically driven rollers which can take any curvature from warehouses to trucks and vice versa. This can be rolled inside a portable chamber which is used to store it when not in use. The rollers can also transport goods even upto a certain height through some inclination. Goods placed at one end is automatically transported to the other.

2. Regenerative braking (link)

Kinetic energy is lost in the form of heat while braking which is released to the environment.So the idea is to conserve the energy lost by converting it to electrical energy and storing it in batteries.

Idea: Attach strong magnets to the wheels and connect a dynamo to the brakes so while light braking the dynamo moves forward and creates a resistance in the form of braking and hence we get light braking depending on the strength of the magnets and the quality of the dynamo.for hard braking we use the brake calipers as normal.

3. Watsave The Eco Friendly Water Saving Adapter (link)

Watsave The Eco Friendly Water Saving Adapter is a mechanized universal water saving device adapter used in households for water taps or water faucets to use water efficiently by allowing the water to flow for only a certain period of time.

Idea: This adapter controls the flow of water based solely on the user’s needs by allowing the water to flow periodically based on the time set by the user. The adapter is made of plastic and is fitted to any universal and standard kitchen, wash basin or bathroom taps or water faucets. It uses mechanical means to control the flow rate and stop the water flow depending on the user preferences. The adapter works on water pressure and hence does not require electricity to power up and neither uses any sensor based technology.

4. AVCAR (link)

AVCAR is a new type of ‘ Go Green’ car. As the name suggests, it is a combination of two words- aviation & car. It is a type of car, that can both ply on roads and also can fly in air at low to mid-level altitudes. The structure of the car is made in such a way, that minimum drag is produced.

Idea: The car can derive the power from two sources : 1) when it is running on road, or when it is in normal operating condition, the car derives the power from the solar tower which is located at the front portion of the car as shown in the figure. 2) When it begins to airborne, or when it is in flying condition, power from the solar cells will be automatically cutoff. It will derive its power from the propulsion system which is located inside as shown in the figure. At the same time, the wings and the vertical tail will open up, where as, the wheels will retract to minimize the effect of drag.

5. Piezo Electric floor tiles (link)

The basic idea is to install piezo materials( pressure to electricity converters) in areas which receive heavy footfalls. According to a data around 270 sq ft of these tiles will generate around 2000 kw of energy a day with around six lakh footfalls.

Idea: With the help of a special IC manufactured by linear technologies (California), I have developed a circuit with the help of it energy generated can be stored in a battery. The circuit runs well in the simulator but i am now in the process of making a working model of the circuit.

Earlier this technology has been used in France airport but there they used capacitor which means the light used to glow the moment people walk over it but with the help of my circuit we can store it in a battery which can be used to run appliances with the help of inverter.

Apply for Spark Rise program here (deadline for round 3 is November 21st).

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