Innoz API : What it means to app developers

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Innoz API : What it means to app developers

[Editorial notes: Innoz is one of the UnPluggd partners and the company will be demoing its API at the UnPluggd stall.  The company is also conducting a hackathon on July 14th to have app developers build apps on top of its APIs. Here is a guest article by Innoz team.]

Let us start by telling you that we really want you to come up with some incredible apps using our platform and for that, we are offering a total bounty of up to 1 lakh rupees for some of of the best apps that are created at the hackathon. So now that we have your attention, let’s explore some of the things we can do with the platform.55444 (1)

What is an SMS app?

An SMS app is essentially a specialized answer to a user’s query, delivered over SMS to the user’s phone. But that is just the beginning of what it means. We have some incredible apps available that push this definition and make great services for productivity, entertainment and knowledge available on the mobile phone. 

As a developer, this is an application that runs on your server, on your choice of platform and written with your choice of language, as long as it integrates with our simple workflow. For the users, this means sending an SMS with a keyword, the equivalent of a web address and then receiving a specialized response without worrying about any of the steps in between.

You can read all about getting started with making apps and adding them to the app store at –

What can you do with the 55444 platform?

We’ve seen some really interesting apps that have been added to the store in the last month. A few of them offer basic services like checking train timings and routes, we’ve seen some note taking apps, apps that let you check your email over SMS, some others that send you inspirational quotes when you think you need some inspiration, one of India’s biggest bands, the Raghu Dixit Project allows their fans to check when they are playing next through a nifty app, and the more we see apps being added, we realize that there is amazing potential for some incredible apps to be made.

Essentially, you can take any existing service or even create a service and use SMS as a medium to reach our entire user base, which currently stands at over 10 million users, and make money while you are at it!

What we would love to see

We started 55444 with the intention of giving the common man, with no direct internet access, the power and the knowledge that resides on the Internet, delivered over SMS to his phone. So anything that furthers that goal is a big winner in our eyes. There are a lot times when SMS is actually the most effective and accessible medium and those situations deserve apps of their own. We would love to see some hardware integrated with SMS, so lets say a farmer in rural India can send an SMS to switch on and off his water pump in the middle of the field, or you can send an SMS on your way back home for your geyser to switch on, so you have hot water for a bath by the time you reach home!

We know that the platform has immense potential and reach, and with your creativity, we can create some really powerful and interesting applications for this platform!

Check some of the existing apps at to get ideas on what is possible!

The 2-day Hackathon starts on the 14th of July and this will be the first of many initiatives we’ve planned, to open our SMS platform and allow access to our entire user base through SMS applications that use our platform.

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