Exclusive: Insieve (the team behind Dhiti) secures funding led by Ojas Ventures

Insieve product is an intelligent sharing network that learns what you share (within your network) and recommends content based on one’s reading behavior.

Insieve, the company behind Dhiti product has raised funding led by Ojas Ventures with participation from Blume Ventures.
Insieve product is an intelligent sharing network that learns what you share (within your network) and recommends content based on one’s reading behavior (as well as from the network).


Post funding, Gautam Balijepalli and Rajesh Srivathsa will join the Insieve board and Karthik Reddy of Blume Ventures will serve an observer.

“When you share information about car racing with Tom, we learn that Tom likes car racing. The next time any of Tom’s friends read something on car racing, we’ll remind them about Tom. Now, say Tom’s friend Sara, shared something about wild life photography with Tom. We learn that Tom is into wildlife too. When you visit a page on wildlife, we’ll tell you Tom may be interested. Now, Tom has started to get a lot more relevant information from his friends.”

Insieve caters to multiple interests/contexts.
Insieve caters to multiple interests/contexts.

Cofounder, Bharath demoed the (beta) product to me a few days back and an interesting aspect of Insieve is that the system (is a browser extension) starts throwing great recommendation within a few iterations of using the product  and grows better once network effect kicks in. The product which is targeted for global audience has multiple use-cases – i.e. right from curation within a team to content sharing (intent-and-interest-driven) to building a knowledgebase with the company, i.e. more signal/less noise.

What about privacy, now that Insieve is reading your online behavior? The team has following to share:

1) We promise that any article an user reads will not be logged against the user’s name or identity. Our browser plugins provide recommendations for every page a user visits on his browser. However, we will not track or mine the users browsing and reading behavior from these.
2) We will store and build an interest profile of our users based on the articles they bookmark or share. So unless there’s an explicit action of bookmarking or sharing – an identity is not associated with a web URL.
3) Insieve will allow users to import their contacts and friends from other sources like Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. These are strongly governed by the privacy policies of the source.
4) The contact lists and friends lists for users will not be made public at any time – unless with user permission. The email credentials will also not be sold to third parties.
5) Users get the option to delete all their data stored in Insieve. They can also export their data and take it with them.
6) In future we may show Ads relevant to the user, based on what the user is reading or has explicitly liked or shared. The information we use will be limited to standards used by the most reputed companies across the web.
7) We will use cookies to track user sessions and logins. In the future, we can use the same cookie across our products – to make the experience easy and intuitive for users. For example, we will use the same tracking cookie in our browser plugins and our publisher widgets.
8) Users will have the ability to mention a set of sites in which no information will be sent to our servers, even to get recommendations.

More when Insieve comes out of private beta, but this is surely one of the global stories in making.

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