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Here are few (selected randomly) insights that readers shared with us:


I think the primary reason for all the Open networks, apart from sheer ignorance, is the fact that we do not have AS MANY war-drivers. The number of people who will actually piggy-back on alien wifi networks is really low, since comparatively fewer people will use Wifi in the first place.

Very few people are aware of the fact the WEP can be cracked in under 2 minutes. Heck !! Very few people know , or want to know the differences between WEP and WPA.

Also, the people who keep this alleged Open security are sometimes smart enough to use other means to restrict access , such as :
– Restrict number of clients that can be connected
– Restrict using MAC addresses
– Restrict using less DHCP address pool
All the above are seemingly more convenient since these options make sense for a lay user when setting it through his Router’s UI.

– @Raseel on 88% of Mumbai Wireless Networks are open for hackers


My opinion ,Anytime is good time to start a company especially if it is based on sound fundamentals

Typically during downturn many companies die quickly(either idea or execution , biz model is flawed) than in upbeat economy.
Apart from deadpool becoming larger in a downturn lot entrepreneurs are hesitant to startup during downturn and become more pragmatic leading to lower number of startups . This leads to survivor takes all.

In Indian context Downturn may be good time to bootstrap coz failure in downturn is socially more acceptable

@ Deva5 on “ companies are created in tough times” – Suvir Sujan, Nexus India


The way I read the numbers, there seem to be 11.66m fixed internet connections and 76m wireless internet connections.

The number of users are likely to be higher in case of fixed (because of connection sharing in cybercafes) and lower in case of wireless (because not everyone with a GPRS connection is an active user). Still, there should be at least 20-30m wireless internet users, which is comparable to the user numbers for fixed internet. And this number is growing much faster than the fixed user number.

– @Ritesh on SMS Usage and ARPU slides – Telecom Industry Qtrly Report

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