Instablogs launches Daily News Video Show – GroundReport

Instablogs (read our earlier review), the citizen journalism site has launched daily news video show (called GroundReport) featuring news from around the world – the major USP being the fact that content is being created by citizen journalists.

The idea behind this initiative is to highlight critical world issues through the eyes of the people most effected from them, i.e. CJs.

You tell the stories and give opinions. We put it together daily in a (hopefully) entertaining and informative video format. We do not hate mainstream media. And this show is not designed to replace your regular reading and watching of the news. But what it is designed to do is to highlight what is really going on on the ground.

What’s really good about Instablogs’ initiative is that the videos are created by CJs from across the world and Instablogs team puts together/collates/presents the entire story (all from their office in Shimla!). The first day of launch had 3 shows covering 12 countries by 14 CJs.

Instablogs network has 130 blogs and clocks more than 2 million pageviews per month.

Check out their videos

What’s your take on Instablogs?

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