Instablogs raises Funding

Have been in the loop regarding Instablogs funding, but was holding on to publishing the details, as Instablogs wanted to wait till next week to announce the deal.

Now that the deal is out in the market (read the ‘series of events‘ section), here is the dope:
(read our earlier review) has raised funding (less than a mn$) from Vishal Gondal, Founder of Indiagames.

The investment details aren’t yet public and we will announce the details once the team is ready to share the details.

Instablogs’ game plan is based purely on citizen journalism (they recently launched GroundReport, the daily news show that features videos from citizen journalists across the world) and are next to few top media sites, when it comes to worldwide coverage of news.

Interesting series of events: Ankit goes for proto and was pleasantly surprised that everybody @ proto was aware of this development. We instantly had a chat and finally he gave a go-ahead to write about the development (they were planning to announce sometime next week)

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