InstaClique Wants To Help Online Shoppers Make the Right Decision With Purchases

InstacliqueWhile making online purchase social validation is an important factor, especially in case of make high value purchases. In such situation most of us would always consult friends and family before making a purchase choice. Most online stores are unable to offer customers the offline shopping experience they are looking for.

Pune based bootstrapped startup InstaClique is trying to enable website owners offer offline shopping experience to online shoppers.  Shoppers can be given access to social recommendations, feedback and ability to engage with other online users in real time, giving them an experience similar to that of offline shopping.

Once integrated with an  e-commerce stores, InstaClique will allow shoppers to engage with their friends, family and experts from within the store. They will also get trusted recommendations in real time, as well as personalized pricing and promotions based on their purchase intent, past history and social interactions. This in turn would help e-commerce sites with better customer conversion.

How InstaClique works

Shoppers who visit online stores integrated with InstaClique will find their friends and family, who are online or have shopped there previously, in store with them providing recommendations. They will be able to engage, interact with them, have conversations about products, get opinions and recommendations in real time. Shoppers can also see a permission based feed on what their friends and family may have done on the store. They will also receive personalized pricing, promotions based on their shopping history, behavior and  demonstrated purchase intent.


For site owners, the service will allow them to launch targeted promotions and also access behavioral reports about their customers. To integrate the service to e-commerce portals, all you have to do is signup for a free 30 day service, post which you will receive an InstaClique integration code, which has to be pasted on your website.

The platform already has 6 enterprise paying customers, that include brands like Satyapaul, Rudraksh and luxurion world.

The platform has a fixed monthly billing system and is deployed on SaaS based model.

Social Annex, ShopSocially are some of the other tools that offer a similar service to e-commerce portals.

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